Legislation Department


Prepare and plan to intend dynamic legislation department in achieving standard quality and management level. Objectives have been outlined as such:-

  • Create a society who knows, understands, complies and appreciates MPK laws.
  • Provide enough laws and rules for the usage of MPK citizens and locals.
  • Provide understanding to MPK citizens, to take action based on the power scope of laws.
  • Provide enough reading materials and law references for the use of MPK citizens.
  • Update all provisions of the law used from time to time.




  • Enforce law on all offences under MPK law.
  • Give consultation advice and conduct prosecutions in court on behalf of MPK.
  • Provide and check memorandum of agreement.
  • Legislate and amend the By-Laws, rules, orders and methods.
  • Prepare and check summons, charges and complaint papers.
  • Ensure the staff and enforcement staffs are skilled in the law used.
  • Reveal legislation education to MPK officers.
  • Control and ensure all ceremonial properties are in good and safe condition.
  • Creating awareness to the Kluang society to be more responsible and possess civic consciousness on quality of life and the environment.